Friday Celebrations

This week’s home-learner of the week is Romanie. A huge well done to Romanie who has been working so hard in school with Miss Lucas. At first she found it really hard to independently us google classroom and now she is accessing this and the SWAYs to complete some amazing learning. I know Miss Lucas is really proud too.

This week’s home-learner of the week is Benjamin. Benjamin you have worked so hard over the last half term and have completed all of our home learning tasks. Well done. I have been so impressed with you attitude to you learning. You are always trying your best and always respond to feedback to help you improve. Keep it up!

Lexia Legends: Harleen, Lily, Benjamin and Lucas M Well done for completing all your units.

TT Rockstars shout outs: Madeleine, Macy, Lily, Thomas S, Amber and Alex- well done for getting all of your sessions done this week!

Sumdog Super stars: Macy, Aariz and Freya.

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I have attached some pictures of our other WOW moments.

Year 3 you have worked so hard this half term and I am so proud of all of you and what you have achieved. I know you will show Miss Szczepanska and Mr Spink how wonderful you are!

Thank you for being a wonderful and hardworking class. I will miss you all.

Mrs Lunt.

Friday Celebrations (5.2.21)

Happy Friday Year 3!
What a fantastic week everyone has had! Well done to you all!!
Our Friday celebrations are below.
This week’s home-learner of the week is Sophie. Sophie has been really impressing me since the start of Lockdown with all her hard work and effort across the curriculum. She has been really like Batman- always tries her best and never gives up! Well done Sophie! Keep it up!

This week’s home-learner of the week is Harrison. Harrison has also been working really hard on all his learning. I have been so impressed with his learning attitude and the helpful questions he asks during our morning Google Meets. He also worked really hard to use his planning to support his writing. Keep up all the great work Harrison!

TT Rockstars shout outs: Aariz, Oliver and Alex
Lexia Legends: Saanvika, Lily and Alex. Well done for completing all your units.
Sumdog Super stars: Macy, Aariz and Luqman!

Check out the pictures to see more fantastic learning from the week.

Friday Celebrations

Happy Friday Year 3!
Have a look at our celebrations below!
This week’s home-learner of the week is Freya.
She has been working so hard since the start of this half term and it has been amazing to see. I am so proud of all the effort you have put into all your daily tasks and also the way you go back and respond to feedback. Keep up all the hard work!

This week’s home-learner of the week is Saanvika. Saanvika is someone else who has been really showing a love of learning while working at home. She completed all her tasks each day to such a high standard and I am so proud of her. Keep up all your hard work Saanvika. Well done!

Shout outs:
Lexia Legends: Lily, Macy, Lucas M and Harleen!
TT Roackstars: Lucas M, Freya, Amber and Macy
Sumdog Super Stars: Aariz, Harleen and Saanvika!

You have also read over 200 books on EPIC this week. Great job 3L!

Well done everyone! Have a great weekend!

Fantastic home learning

You have al submitted such wonderful home learning over the last week. here are some great pieces. Well done everyone!

Instead of drawing a reflective hi-vis outfit Alex actually made one:

Madeleine has been resilient like Batman this week when working on her maths! Well done you!

Noah has been capitalising on his continents and oceans learning from KS1. Great job!

Freya was really like Gandalf when I asked her to reflect on her SPO and check she had 2A ideas in her plan. She then used this to write a fantastic paragraph to describe why winter is treacherous.

Benjamin, Madeleine and Amber did some great thinking about the Banksy painting ‘Girl with Balloon’ and then recreated it. Well done.

It was lovely to receive some video and recordings of you reading your work so confidently. Well done to Luca..

This week’s Celebrations

This week my Learner of the Week goes to Alex. He has been working so hard on all his home learning especially his spelling and writing. I can see that he has been using the SWAYs and listening carefully to what he needs to do before starting. He has also been thinking about his targets from school while he has been completing his work too. Well done Alex. Keep it up.

Topping the tales in 3L this week are:
Lexia Legends: Macy, Benjamin, Lily and Harrison
TT Rockstars: Macy, Harrison and Lucas
Sumdog Superstar: Macy, Madeleine and Lucas.

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Well done Year 3- you have managed to read 150 books on EPIC books!

Friday Shout Outs

3L’s Home Learning Hero is Oliver Shotton. Oliver has really impressed me this week with his home learning. I have been especially proud of how he has used the SWAYs to support his writing and has produced a fantastic paragraph about why winter is beautiful. You can read this below. Well done Oliver. Keep up all the hard work.

Some people believe winter is the most beautiful season of the year. There is white, glistening snow covering the tall, bare trees. The snow has set on the ground like a soft, fluffy blanket. There is slippy, treacherous ice covering the winding, dark lanes. We can hear squealing, laughing children in the distance.They are having exiting, exhausting snowball fights. Winter really is a magical season. by Oliver

Let’s see who has been using our online learning platforms. My top three people from each one are:
Lexia legends: Noah, Benjamin and Lily
TTRockstars: Aariz, Tiyahna and Alex
Sumdog Superstar: Macy, Tom P and Oliver

A Job Well Done - Invista

I only sent out our EPIC Books loginin yesterday and you fabulous people have already read 25 books. Well done, it is lovely to see that love of reading at home

Thank you for all your hard work this week and I hope you have been enjoying using Google Classroom and the SWAYs.
Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.
Mrs Lunt

Merry Christmas Everyone

We have had a lovely last day and we have had so many fantastic things to celebrate at the end of a busy term.
well done to all the children who achieved their Bronze Behaviour Award this half term. A brilliant achievement and now you can aim for your Silver Award next half term.

Some people managed to achieve their Silver Behaviour Award this half term. Well done this is such an impressive achievement. Well done everyone. You will be able to aim for Gold next half term.

Finally, our final Learner of the Week this half term is Lily. Lily has been working really hard on her Batman skills. She has been trying hard to manage distractions and has really persevered with her learning especially her hand writing. Well done Lily. A great end to the half term.