Victorian Day…

Last week, before half term, Year 3 travelled back in time to the Victorian epoch to complete a day in Victorian school. Children dressed up and as a Victorian boys and girls, chimney sweeps and street urchins and took part in a whole host of activities.

The children were educated about Victorian punishments and how tough Victorian school really was compared to school life today. After break time, the children were greeted with an appetising Victorian meal of potato peel soup and a small lump of bread… I think it is safe to say that they were very grateful to receive their toast afterwards!


This week we enjoyed working on our compass skills to complete an orienteering trail around school. Once we had found all the clues and pieced them together, we revealed a portrait of Queen Victoria.

We will be learning about Queen Victoria and Leeds in the Victorian times in the coming weeks.

Moortown Arctic Tundra Expedition

On Wednesday we had a visit from Mr Fotheringham of the National Geographical Society. He told us all about the strange Tundra found in Moortown and how a meteorite may have landed there. He shared how we could explore the tundra, from the provisions needed, routes to take and the surveys we could carry out.

3S set off on their expedition passing some interesting sights on the way and eventually found the meteor.


This week we had a visitor who helped us explore a traditional Finnish tale, called Lemminkainen.

The children first listened to a beautiful retelling from Mathew, adding to the story with song.

Next they acted out the story for themselves.

Finally in groups they retold the story using shadow puppets.

This story will be the focus of our writing over the coming weeks, where we will get to apply all the fantastic language and knowledge we gained this week.

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World Book Day

This week we are celebrating World Book Day. It takes place on the 5th of March 2021. It is a fantastic event to celebrate the fabulous power of books and the joy of reading. If you love reading or just starting your journey as a book lover, you can celebrate the event in lots of ways and put some thoughts into how to encourage others to read more.
Freya just started celebrating the event by making a fantastic figure of Harry Potter made out of potato and she has joined David Williams amazing assembly.

The best way to celebrate this day would be to find the time to do some reading. Do you have a book you just can’t finish? The World Book Day is the time to curl up on the sofa and enjoy every last page.

Mr. Spink celebrates the day with his favorite book called “Thousand splendid suns” by Khaled Hosseini.

Me and my children are currently reading “Detektyw Pozytywka” as I am trying really hard to introduce my mother language to them.

Remember books can be your best friends and can take you inside unforgettable world of adventure!