End of Year message

Just a little end of Year message from me. I have loved being your teacher for the last two years. It has been a pleasure to watch you all change and grow and to see how well you have all done. I know you are going to have a fantastic year with Mrs Turney in Year 4 and that you will all show her how wonderful you are. Thank you for all your hard work and for all the fun we have had. Have a wonderful summer holidays. Take care and stay safe.

Fantastic Friday

There has been so much fantastic work been going on in the final week of the year so let’s take a look at what you have been up to.

Well done to Neo and Furqan for finding some great natural resources and creating these beautiful natural collages.

Well done to everyone who has been enjoying completing the Flashback 4s this week.  You have been doing such a great job with these.  You have worked really hard to apply your knowledge of concepts and methods we have learned throughout the year and in Year2.  Great job everyone.

We have also been feeling scientific.  We looked at different materials which are magnetic and then sorted these on a table.  Well done Year 3.

Neo has also created a fantastic booklet all about a synagogue. Well done Neo!

Home Learning Hero

This week’s Home Learning Hero is Niamh. Well done Niamh. Over the last 4 months you have worked so hard every day of every week to complete our home learning tasks. Not only have you completed all the tasks every week but you have also remembered your personal targets from when we were in school and put extra effort into these areas too. I am really proud of all you have achieved. Keep up all the hard work in Year 4.

Top of the tables….

Well done to everyone who has accessed Lexia, TT Rockstars and Sumdog this week. Let’s see who topped the tables this week…..

Lexia Legends: Abdul, Niamh and Ellias
TT Rockstars: Jarell, Thomas and Abdul
Sumdog Superstars: Jess, Furqan and Sophia

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Fantastic Friday

Another incredible week for 3HL. I am so proud of how hard you are all working and all the fantastic work you ahve been producing! Well done to everyone and a huge thank you to adults helping at home too!

Let’s look at some of the work which has caught my eye this week!

Well done to our super scientists Pixie, Hoorad and thomas who have all worked hard researching magnets and how they work. I Love Pixie’s and Hoorad’s diagrams too!

I love the two handed portraits you have all been doing too. Can you guess who these portraits are of?

Emre has been busy in his science lab again. He has carried out two experiments. Check them out below.

Emre did an experiment to extract DNA from a strawberry. He created an extraction buffer and added this to a crushed strawberry, filtering the juice through kitchen towel into a jar. He then added ice cold alcohol. He did not observe DNA strands right away, but after some time, strands like those portrayed in the drawing appeared. 

Another experiment, this time, Emre added Mentos to a bottle of cola and observed the reaction when the dissolved carbon dioxide was released as a gas. He then shook a second bottle of cola without Mentos to see whether the the explosion was smaller or greater. He found that the reaction with the Mentos caused a greater explosion.

Menaya has also been busy in the garden looking after and observing the beautiful flowers. They are so colourful. They really made me smile Menaya!

Top of the tables…

Well done to Everyone who has been on Lexia, TT Rockstars and Sumdog. Top of the tables this week are:

Lexia Legends: Jess, Kassem, Danni, Niamh, Pixie and Kassem. Well done for being the only people to go on Lexia this week- you completed lots of minutes and units!
TT Rockstars: Alicia (who completed all 50 sessions,) Kassem, Sophia and Abdul.
Sumdog Superstars: Sophia, Asaya and Thomas.